I’ve made a living for more than two decades writing almost everything that’s made of words. Advertising copy for radio,TV, web and print ads. Product labels, catalog copy, restaurant menus, and in-store promo pieces. Short films, feature films, short stories, and a novel. Blogs, Twitter, essays, magazine articles, and op-eds. I can write in nearly any style, tone or voice, but I specialize in snark. Snark put awards on my mantle and keeps a roof over my head.

Since 2007, I’ve produced (written, directed, shot, edited, and created VFX) more than 300 video projects of varying lengths with content as diverse as my writing experience: P.E.I. pitches, :30 spots, advertising short films, product profiles, training videos, action sports documentaries, and music videos.

When not writing or making films, I enjoy reading about filmmaking, writing my weekly column, A Cinecle View, at hobotrashcan.com, and hanging out with my wife and cat.

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